Park City driver hits a moose, and the animal ‘got up and walked away’ |

Park City driver hits a moose, and the animal ‘got up and walked away’

The Police Department continues to receive regular reports of wildlife issues

A Toyota Tacoma pickup truck suffered heavy damage in a collision with a moose on Marsac Avenue in the area of a runaway-truck lane south of Old Town. The animal left after the accident, the police say.
Courtesy of the Park City Police Department

A collision between a driver and a moose in Park City on Saturday resulted in serious damage to the pickup truck, but nobody was injured and the animal left the scene, the Park City Police Department said.

The police received the report at 7:07 a.m. The police said a driver in a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck ran into the moose on Marsac Avenue in the area of a runaway-truck lane south of Old Town. The police were told the moose left afterward, according to department logs.

The vehicle was blocking the road just after the accident. An image provided by the Police Department shows heavy damage to the front of the pickup truck and a severely bent hood.

A Police Department narrative indicates the moose “had already got up and walked away” by the time an officer arrived. The police narrative said the driver was headed southbound, or uphill, on Marsac Avenue when the moose “stepped out into the road and was hit.” The police described the damage to the vehicle as being “disabling.” The vehicle required a tow.

Driver-moose collisions are rare in Park City, with accidents involving other animals like deer more common. Damage can be extensive, though, with the size of a moose.

The Police Department in recent weeks has fielded numerous reports of wildlife sightings, including moose, elk and deer. In one of the recent cases, a confrontation between a moose and a dog was reported in a neighborhood. There has also been attention on an elk herd along S.R. 224 in the area of the McPolin Farm.

Some of the wildlife-related cases reported to the police recently include:

• on Sunday, Oct. 24 at 1:48 a.m., a deer was seen on Park Avenue, in front of a restaurant. Public police logs indicated the animal was injured and needed to be put down. An officer who responded was unable to find the animal.

• on Friday, Oct. 22 at 11:20 p.m., a deer carcass was seen in a lane of traffic on Deer Valley Drive somewhere between the Old Town roundabout and the intersection with Bonanza Drive. The police said the carcass created a traffic hazard and needed to be moved.

• on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at 8:06 p.m., someone reported hitting a deer on Park Avenue while driving a Toyota 4Runner sport utility vehicle. The police were told the animal survived the collision and could have been in a travel lane afterward. The driver indicated they were entering a gas station to check whether the vehicle was damaged.

• on Oct. 20 at 7:11 p.m., an injured deer was reported on Snow Creek Drive. The animal was on a back hoof and inside a parking lot, the police were told.

• on Oct. 20 at 7:36 a.m., what was described as a “large number” of elk were reported to be crossing S.R. 224.

• on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 6:45 p.m., the police received a report of two herds of elk close to the road along S.R. 224. Drivers were stopping to observe the animals, the police said.

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