Park City drop-and-load violations continue, and paid parking returns after lengthy suspension |

Park City drop-and-load violations continue, and paid parking returns after lengthy suspension

There are regulations in Main Street core

Park City has restarted the paid-parking system in the Main Street core after a lengthy hiatus due to the economic impacts of the coronavirus. The system is meant to generate turnover in spots on Main Street or close to the street.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

Drivers headed to Main Street should understand some of the vacant parking spaces they may spy are restricted.

And they also should realize they must pay to park again after a lengthy stretch of free parking.

The Park City Police Department in the last week reported a string of violations involving vehicles in the drop-and-load zones, continuing a series of cases since the zones were re-launched in November after they were suspended in the spring.

The drop-and-load zones are available to vehicles holding City Hall-issued permits from 5 p.m. until 12 a.m. and available to anyone prior to 5 p.m. for 15-minute parking. Vehicles in transportation and lodging industry fleets generally hold the permits.

Traffic has increased with the holidays approaching, leading to the reports of drop-and-load zone violations. The police generally attempt to find the driver of a vehicle left in a drop-and-load zone and then issue a warning.

Some of the cases last week included:

• on Friday, Dec. 18 at 5 p.m. a vehicle without a driver nearby was seen in a drop-and-load zone. The police contacted the registered owner, who agreed to move the vehicle.

• on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 11:57 p.m., a vehicle was left in a drop-and-load zone for longer than five hours. A ticket was issued.

• on Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 5:32 p.m., a vehicle was seen without anybody there before the driver returned. The police said the vehicle was moved.

The drop-and-load zones are designed to increase safety and reduce congestion on the shopping, dining and entertainment strip. They debuted last winter and were suspended amid the spread of the novel coronavirus and the resulting steep drop in traffic. As more drivers began heading to Main Street, the drop-and-load zones were reactivated in November.

The zones stirred controversy when they debuted in late 2019. Many drivers were not aware of the program and unknowingly left vehicles in a drop-and-load zone. Some of the vehicles at that time were towed from Main Street in full view of the crowds.

City Hall, meanwhile, also restarted the paid-parking program in the Main Street core on Saturday after it had been suspended for months due to the economic impacts of the sickness. On Main Street itself as well as the Brew Pub lot, parking is priced at up to $4 per hour.

Free parking is available in lots on the periphery of the Main Street core, such as the lot on the north side of the Marsac Building and the upper and lower Sandridge lots.

The paid-parking system is meant to generate turnover in spots on Main Street or close to the street. The paid parking is seen as discouraging employees from leaving their vehicles in prime spots, thereby ensuring there are parking places available for customers. More information about paid parking is available at:

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