Park City housing plans address senior citizens |

Park City housing plans address senior citizens


Lunch was almost ready at the Park City Senior Citizens Center late on Thursday morning. The table was set with silverware, paper plates and plastic cups, and names were posted around the table to show where the seniors would be seated.

The land where the Park City Senior Citizens Center is located, under the ownership of City Hall and occupying less than an acre of land between Empire Avenue and Woodside Avenue, is one of the pieces of ground under consideration as the municipal government weighs development plans along the lower Park Avenue corridor.

There is a likelihood the site will be redeveloped as part of the overall vision. City Hall officials have indicated they intend to ensure the senior citizens have a place to gather as part of the project. The senior citizens have lunch at the building on Mondays and Thursdays.

Judy Maedel, the president of the Senior Citizens Center, was one of the people at the building on Thursday, enjoying the morning as the meal was prepared. Maedel said the senior citizens have a few wishes for a new facility. They want a full working kitchen, at least one and perhaps two pool tables and a storage area that can be locked. They also want space to play cards and put together puzzles.

"Basically what we have here, but nicer," she said.

Maedel said City Hall has provided information as the ideas are prepared for the site and nearby parcels of land. She said the senior citizens who use the facility want to provide input as the designs are crafted.

"It’s the people that make the center, it isn’t the building," she said.

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