Park City officer tickets bicyclist in ‘blatant’ reckless driving case |

Park City officer tickets bicyclist in ‘blatant’ reckless driving case

Rider was speeding past vehicles, steering into oncoming lane, police say

The Park City Police Department in early July issued a ticket to a bicyclist after, according to the agency, the person was seen riding erratically on Main Street.

Police officers in Park City for years have occasionally pulled over bicycle riders for a range of traffic violations, but it is highly unusual for one to receive a ticket.

The case was logged the evening of July 3, the busy Saturday before Independence Day. The police said an officer on a bike patrol riding an e-bike conducted the stop.

According to a Police Department statement provided at the request of The Park Record, the officer was focused on bicycle traffic after having seen close calls involving bicyclists and receiving complaints about bicyclists on Main Street and Park Avenue.

The statement said the traffic was heavy and there were lots of pedestrians on Main Street at the time of the traffic stop. The officer saw two men riding mountain bikes at speeds faster than the vehicle traffic, the statement said, indicating the bicyclists were also riding past vehicles and steering into the oncoming lane of traffic. One of them was performing a wheelie as they road down Main Street, the statement said.

The officer caught up to the two riders and brought them to a patrol vehicle that was parked close to the Main Street-Heber Avenue intersection to write the ticket. The rider, who is 23 and from the Snyderville Basin, received a misdemeanor citation for reckless driving, the police said. The other rider was not ticketed.

The statement said the officer has “not observed any other violations as blatant as the incident which resulted in the citation.”

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the bicyclist was riding in a potentially “very dangerous” manner at the time of the stop. He noted the number of pedestrians on Main Street and the traffic on the shopping, dining and entertainment strip. He said a pedestrian could have been injured had there been a collision.

“I have made it a point to be proactive, contacting a number of cyclists to educate them on the laws. Many do not understand that cyclists share the rules if they are going to share the road and that traffic violations received on bicycle go on their driving record,” the statement said.

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