Park City panel cautioned about outside Treasure talks |

Park City panel cautioned about outside Treasure talks


A City Hall attorney recently cautioned the Park City Planning Commission regarding discussions that may occur about the controversial Treasure development outside the setting of an official meeting when discussions are put on the record.

Polly Samuels McLean, the assistant city attorney, briefly spoke to the Planning Commission at a meeting earlier in April. She told panel members that public comment about Treasure should be forwarded to the Planning Department. She also said Planning Commissioners should discuss the proposal during meetings.

"All the conversations should happen in this room," Samuels McLean told the Planning Commission.

The panel members did not respond in any detail.

The comments by Samuels McLean would be relevant to any development under consideration by the Planning Commission, but Treasure is the most prominent project that is currently before the panel.

The Treasure partnership recently signaled its intention to restart talks with the Planning Commission after a hiatus of upward of six years. The Treasure proposal calls for approximately 1 million square feet of development on a hillside overlooking Old Town close to the route of the Town Lift. The proposal calls for approximately 200 hotel rooms, approximately 100 condominiums and conference space.

There is expected to be significant public interest as the Planning Commission restarts discussions about Treasure in coming months. The project during the earlier talks regularly drew some of the largest crowds to Planning Commission meetings in years. There was also significant written input to City Hall about Treasure.

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