Park City police called as dogs left inside vehicles |

Park City police called as dogs left inside vehicles

The Park City Police Department on Sunday, June 14 received at least three reports of people leaving dogs in vehicles, a dangerous scenario that could lead to the death of the animal.

None of the cases last week resulted in a fatality. The reports included:

  • at 6:05 p.m., dogs were seen left in a vehicle on Bonanza Drive. They did not appear to be in distress, the police were told. There were no longer any dogs inside the vehicle when an officer arrived, according to the Police Department.
  • at 4:32 p.m., a dog was reportedly seen in a sport utility vehicle in Old Town. The vehicle was apparently in the Sandridge parking lot. The police were told the windows were left slightly open and the dog did not seem to be in distress.
  • at 2:35 p.m., a dog was seen in a car in the China Bridge garage. The person who contacted the police "thinks it looks distressed," according to police logs.

    Summit County Animal Control cautions people against leaving dogs in vehicles, saying the pets could overheat.

    "It’s quite imperative that people don’t leave their dogs locked in cars," said Dolores Ovard, the field supervisor for Animal Control.

    She said the department has received a few calls about dogs left in vehicles this summer. The owners returned by the time an Animal Control officer arrived, she said.

    Animal Control may issue an animal-cruelty citation to someone who leaves a dog in a vehicle. Ovard said cracking the window is not enough to keep a dog safe inside.

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    Ovard said the department has not issued a citation in Park City this year. Two people have been warned verbally this summer in Park City, though, she said.

    Ovard said Animal Control would like to post signs in some parking lots warning people they could be cited if dogs are left in a vehicle.

    The reports last week of dogs in vehicles continued a string of cases involving dogs in Park City in recent months. Many of the previous reports centered on violations of the leash law or dog bites.

    The Police Department last week received a series of other dog complaints. A dog was reported to be off a leash on Holiday Ranch Loop Road at 11:27 a.m. on Sunday. Earlier that morning, at 9:42 a.m., two dogs were seen off leash in the vicinity of the Rail Trail and Fenchurch Drive. The police were told the dogs attacked another dog and ran away eastward on the Rail Trail. Unleashed dogs were also reported on Park Avenue and Sullivan Road last week, according to police logs.

    On Thursday, June 11, meanwhile, a driver hit a dog in the vicinity of the intersection of S.R. 224 and Meadows Drive. The report was logged at 3:02 p.m. The driver "didn’t really have the option to miss it," the police were told. Public police logs did not provide details about the dog.