Park City police called as two dogs left in vehicles |

Park City police called as two dogs left in vehicles

At least two dogs in Park City beat the recent heat.

But the Park City Police Department was contacted to make sure the pets were OK after they were left inside vehicles. Neither of the cases in late July appeared to have threatened the lives of the dogs.

The police and veterinarians have long cautioned against leaving dogs inside vehicles, particularly with the windows up, but the authorities occasionally receive reports from people who observe a dog in a vehicle.

Both of the cases reported to the Police Department last week occurred on Saturday.

In one of the complaints, logged at 6:50 p.m. outside the Park City Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center, two dogs were inside a vehicle. The windows were down and the dogs had their heads outside, the police were told. The Police Department found that the dogs were not in distress, Phil Kirk, a police captain, said.

In the other case, reported at 12:12 p.m. on Main Street, a dog was spotted in a sport utility vehicle. It looked like it was “distressed,” the police were told, according to department logs. Kirk, though, said the dog was outside the vehicle with its owner by the time an officer arrived.

“We’re getting a fair amount of calls about it,” Kirk said of people leaving dogs inside vehicles. “They could be in distress quickly.”

He said he is not aware of an incident this summer in Park City involving a dog’s life being threatened after it was left in a vehicle. Kirk said the Police Department appreciates calls like those last week since an officer is then sent to check on the condition of the dog.

A Park City veterinarian described the summer as a time when dogs should not be kept in a vehicle. David Prior, a veterinarian at White Pine Veterinary Clinic, said the temperature inside a vehicle climbs quickly.

“This time of year, just don’t leave a dog in a car, period,” Prior said, adding, “It’s very dangerous. Knock on wood, I haven’t seen any this year.”

Prior recommended dogs not be left in a vehicle when it’s hotter than 75 degrees outside.

“If you don’t want to sit in a car without the air conditioning running, I wouldn’t leave my dog in the car without the air conditioning running,” Prior said.

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