Park City police told of parking shortage as person wonders ‘if he should just leave town’ |

Park City police told of parking shortage as person wonders ‘if he should just leave town’

Report to the authorities highlights the trouble some encounter when looking for spot

The Park City Police Department in mid-July received a complaint from someone saying they were upset they could not find a parking spot. The case was reported at the China Bridge garage on Swede Alley, one of the primary parking locations for the Main Street core.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

Someone in mid-July encountered an issue in Old Town that many Parkites and visitors experience during the busy times.

The person could not find a place to park. The lack of available spots prompted the person to call the Park City Police Department.

The report to the police was logged on Wednesday, July 14 at 7:10 p.m., at the China Bridge garage. The complaint was about there being nowhere “you can park in PC,” according to the police.

The person, described as “upset,” wanted “to know where he should park or if he should just leave town,” according to public police logs.

Parking in the Main Street core has long been difficult during busy times of the year with a limited supply of public and privately held spaces available. Park City has been busy in recent weeks, highlighting the availability issues at some points.

It is highly unusual, though, for the police to receive a complaint like the one on July 14. The police regularly field calls about other parking-related issues, such as drivers leaving their vehicles on private property or leaving them in places where they block driveways, but a report about a lack of parking is unexpected even at the busy times.

The Main Street core has been busy throughout the summer, with the crowds seeming to especially pick up around Independence Day. The parking on and just off Main Street has also been heavily used at many points, including on a midweek day like July 14.

Johnny Wasden, the parking manager at City Hall, said parking on Main Street around dinnertime is “quite full” on a Wednesday. Between 80% and 90% of the surface parking on Swede Alley at that time can be occupied while the China Bridge garage could reach between 50% and 60% occupancy, he said.

“It’s been very busy. We definitely see that in the parking numbers,” Wasden said.

He said there is a “tremendous amount” of parked vehicles during what he describes as a weekday “dinner-hour rush.”

A paid-parking system is in effect on Main Street, on the surface lots of Swede Alley and in the China Bridge garage. The paid-parking system acts to ensure turnover in the spots and discourage members of the Main Street workforce from parking in places that would otherwise be available for customers of the shopping, dining and entertainment strip.

The possibility that someone considered leaving Park City based on what was described as a lack of open spots on the evening of the call to the police is notable since parking availability in the Main Street core has long been a challenge at busy times. The garage and surface spots sometimes fill or come close to filling, leaving others to circle Main Street and Swede Alley looking for a spot. There are also long-running complaints about people headed to Main Street leaving their vehicles on nearby residential streets, where parking is restricted to those holding City Hall-issued permits.

The Police Department last week or early this week, meanwhile, received a report of an unspecified parking problem on Main Street on the morning of July 18, a complaint about up to five vehicles left in a no-parking zone on Crescent Road on the morning of July 16 and a report of an unspecified parking problem on Park Avenue in the afternoon of July 15.

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