Park City readies a diverse municipal work plan |

Park City readies a diverse municipal work plan

City Hall on Tuesday is scheduled to host an open house covering numerous projects and other municipal activities, an opportunity to learn about the diverse work plan anticipated in coming months.

The open house is scheduled on Tuesday from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. in the community room on the third floor at the Park City Library. City Hall staffers from a variety of departments are expected to be available for questions.

Some of the projects that will be addressed at the event are high-profile ones that have already received widespread publicity while others are not as well known in the community. City Hall sees an open house like the one planned as an opportunity for people to learn about a variety of projects at a single event.

One of the projects that could garner special interest is City Hall’s plans to develop a patchwork of municipal properties along the lower Park Avenue corridor. Officials intend to build restricted housing on some of the land. City Hall recently began referring to the project as Woodside Park, a name that acknowledges the land spreads through Park Avenue and Woodside Avenue.

There could also be keen interest in information about transit and long-range transportation planning. A flier announcing the event indicates topics will include a transit center at Kimball Junction, parking programs in Old Town and the future of the S.R. 248 entryway.

Recreation, special events and a water-treatment plant are some of the other topics listed in the flier.

The event is scheduled at a time when City Hall is readying a work plan for 2017. The details of projects that will launch in 2017 would be finalized in the winter in anticipation of spring starts.

More information is available on the City Hall website, Select ‘Park City Plans & Projects Open House’ in the Events section of the front page. The direct link is: More information is also available by calling City Hall at 615-5001.