Park City Republican committeeman hopes for ‘presidential’ Trump |

Park City Republican committeeman hopes for ‘presidential’ Trump

Bruce Hough, a Park Meadows resident, is a Republican National Committeeman attending the partys convention in Cleveland next week. He will serve as one of the conventions sergeant-at-arms and says he does not anticipate violence outside the gathering.
Courtesy of Bruce Hough

Bruce Hough, a Park Meadows resident and longtime Republican Party official, will be one of the GOP figures attempting to maintain order during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Hough is one of three sergeants-at-arms for the convention, which starts Monday and runs until Thursday. As a sergeant-at-arms, Hough will work with the other two to ensure decorum is followed during the convention. Hough is a Republican National Committeeman as well and regularly attends the nominating convention every four years.

Hough, who is also a delegate to the convention representing Utah, is bound to support Ted Cruz on the first round of voting for a nominee as a result of the senator from Texas winning the state caucuses in March. Hough said he does not anticipate a second round of voting before the nominee is selected.

Hough has attended five Republican National Conventions and he anticipates the one next week will have a different tenor than the other ones. He said many delegates have a “question mark” on the eve of the convention.

“A lot of delegates have a sense of the unknown with the presumptive nominee,” Hough said.

Hough said he is interested in Donald Trump’s demeanor during the convention. He said the presumptive nominee’s response to the recent shooting deaths of police officers in Dallas was a step forward.

“I think he needs to present himself in a presidential manner . . . I think he’s coming to that,” Hough said.

He said he does not anticipate violence in Cleveland resembling the strife cause by Trump detractors and his supporters during the primary season.

Some of the platform issues that will be of importance include national security, education and immigration, Hough said. He said the vacancy on the Supreme Court as a result of the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia is also critical as the GOP wants a Republican president to nominate a successor.

The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, praised Hough and two other sergeants-at-arms earlier in July, saying in a prepared statement they are “distinguished for their service as National Committeemen, and they are going to bring the same spirit of leadership into Cleveland that will help ensure an orderly and well-run convention.”

Hough is the only person from Summit County headed to the convention in an official party capacity, according to the Utah Republican Party.

The chairman of the Summit County Democratic Party, Glenn Wright, plans to watch the Republican gathering, saying he is especially interested in seeing whether the presumptive nominee is more scripted than during the primary season or whether he is “the typical loose cannon he has been.”

Wright also said it will be interesting to see the number of prominent Republicans speaking in favor of the presumptive nominee since some high-profile GOP figures have indicated they are not attending.

“I suspect, if he’s smart, he will try to mellow out his message at the convention,” Wright said.

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