Park City seeks ideas to develop $1.1 million Old Town land |

Park City seeks ideas to develop $1.1 million Old Town land

A housing project is under consideration on City Hall-controlled land at 1364 Woodside Ave., located adjacent to another municipal parcel, seen in the background. Park City has started a search for an architectural firm to assist with a project.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

Park City leaders in coming months will consider options for a small piece of Old Town land City Hall spent more than $1 million to acquire as part of the municipal government’s ambitious plans to develop housing along the lower Park Avenue corridor.

The lot is located at 1364 Woodside Ave. and is immediately north of another parcel under municipal ownership. City Hall acquired the other parcel as part of its purchase of the property where the Park Avenue fire station once was.

City Hall has discussed combining the lot at 1364 Woodside Ave. with the former fire station land and intends to pursue a housing project on the Woodside Avenue parcel. Park City leaders have indicated they are interested in an aggressive housing plan in the neighborhood, and any project at 1364 Woodside Ave. would be a part of the overall plan. Any housing on the former fire station land would also be a part of the efforts.

Officials on Monday started a search for an architectural firm to assist with a project. The architectural firm is expected to be heavily involved in the design, construction administration and engineering work related to 1364 Woodside Ave. The deadline for submittals is Oct. 11.

Matt Twombly, a project manager who is leading the efforts to secure an architectural firm, said City Hall has not finalized the details of a development. He said officials want the firm that is hired to assist as a timeline is crafted.

Twombly also said it was not clear when a development application would be submitted to the Park City Planning Department. It could be filed alongside other City Hall development applications in the lower Park Avenue neighborhood or separately as part of a phased project, he said.

Park City in the spring acquired 1364 Woodside Ave. for $1.1 million from a family trust under the name of Emmett. A City Hall-controlled entity known as the Lower Park Avenue Redevelopment Agency made the acquisition. The Park City Council, acting in its role as the governing body of the Redevelopment Agency, voted unanimously in favor of the purchase.

Officials at the time noted the price tag topping $1 million. A City Hall report issued in anticipation of the acquisition indicated the deal was made at a moment when real estate prices in Park City were high. A member of the City Council, Tim Henney, said in a spring meeting the municipal government also acquired property in down real-estate markets and that City Hall could not control the cycle of real estate.

The Summit County Assessor’s Office pegs the parcel at just more than one-tenth of an acre in size. The Assessor’s Office assigned a market value of $165,205 to the land in 2016. The market value has ranged from $140,000 in 2013 and 2014 to $450,000 in 2015 over the past four years, according to the Assessor’s Office.

Although the parcel is small in size compared to many other City Hall land acquisitions, it occupies a strategic location on the lower Park Avenue corridor that, officials say, melds well with the other land under municipal ownership.

The earlier City Hall report indicated a project of up to 25 housing units could be possible if the parcel at 1364 Woodside Ave. is combined with the land where the fire station was once located. A final housing number, though, would be determined through the City Hall planning and zoning process. The Park City Planning Commission would eventually consider an application for a project at 1364 Woodside Ave.