Park City starts sniffing out a dog-free area |

Park City starts sniffing out a dog-free area

Park City continues to discuss the possibilities of creating places where dogs are not allowed, but only limited progress was made during a Tuesday meeting of a City Hall panel that is expected to be heavily involved in the process.

The Recreation Advisory Board talked about the prospects of setting aside a dog-free location or locations. The panel, though, did not appear to be close to formulating a recommendation at the meeting.

It will be a significant move when the Recreation Advisory Board eventually begins to focus on locations that members will consider as a dog-free area. It is not known whether there will be one spot or multiple ones.

The Recreation Advisory Board at the meeting did not address individual trails or areas at the meeting on Tuesday, something that the members will later need to discuss. The group talked about the idea that creating a new trail with a dog prohibition at the outset could be easier for Parkites to accept than if a prohibition was enacted on an existing trail where dogs are already allowed.

Ken Fisher, the recreation manager for Park City, meanwhile, noted there could be resistance if a trail that is declared free from dogs were to be in a neighborhood where there are dog owners. But he also acknowledged there are people who are not dog lovers who want to access trails without canines.

There was not a crowd at the Recreation Advisory Board meeting, but interest could broaden once the panel and City Hall staffers publicly identify a location or several location under consideration for a prohibition on dogs.

The Recreation Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday was scheduled as a lengthy community discussion continues about dog-related issues. Park City leaders have declared City Hall-owned land in Round Valley and a section of the field outside the Park City Library as leash-free areas. In making that decision, Mayor Jack Thomas and the Park City Council pledged to consider other issues, including whether to prohibit dogs in certain places.

City Hall staffers have discussed unidentified potential locations for dog-free trails that could be made public as the Recreation Advisory Board discussions continue.

Eric Hoffman, a Recreation Advisory Board member who chaired the Tuesday meeting, acknowledged in an interview afterward the panels talks about prohibiting dogs in certain places are in their early stages. He said the topic will likely be addressed again at a meeting in September.

This is just like the genesis of it, Hoffman said.

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