Park City ‘stuck with solving’ Treasure, official says |

Park City ‘stuck with solving’ Treasure, official says

Andy Beerman, a member of the Park City Council, briefly addressed the disputed Treasure development proposal during a Coffee with Council gathering on Tuesday at the Park City Library.

The proposal – approximately 1 million square feet on a hillside overlooking Old Town along the route of the Town Lift – has drawn concerns for more than a decade of starts, stops and restarts of discussions between the Treasure partnership and the Park City Planning Commission.

Beerman was candid in his comments about Treasure, saying the project is not compatible with surrounding Old Town.

“It’s a legacy we’re stuck with solving,” Beerman said, providing a brief rundown of the Treasure history.

He said officials do not like the project, but they “don’t have a choice.”

The Planning Commission discussions about Treasure are scheduled to continue at a meeting on Wednesday.

An earlier City Council roster unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate a conservation deal for the Treasure acreage, a move that relieved the current slate of elected officials of their role as the appeal body on any Planning Commission decision about the project. An even earlier City Council, in the 1980s, granted an overall development approval involving the Treasure acreage and nearby parcels of land.

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