Park City woman, honest, turns in wallet loaded with cash |

Park City woman, honest, turns in wallet loaded with cash


Someone in Park City recently found a wallet loaded with cash and turned it in to the authorities, a display of honesty praised by the Park City Police Department.

The department logged the case at a little bit before 11 a.m. on Sunday. Jim Snyder, a police sergeant, said a Prospector woman in her mid-40s was walking on a sidewalk close to the intersection of Deer Valley Drive and Bonanza Drive when she saw the wallet in the road. Paper money had fallen out of the wallet and was in traffic.

Snyder said the woman went into the road to gather the wallet, credit cards and as much of the paper money she could safely. Snyder was parked in a patrol vehicle close to the volleyball courts at nearby City Park. The woman approached him in his vehicle with the money and the wallet.

"She was holding all these things in her hand, like a wad of cash, credit cards and wallet," Snyder said.

The woman provided information about the location in the road where the money and wallet were found. Snyder drove to the intersection, turned on the police vehicle’s overhead lights and gathered up more credit cards.

Snyder said the $218 in cash was found between what was left in the wallet and the loose paper money. The wallet also contained three credit cards or debit cards, a driver license and membership cards.

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"We live in a community that’s filled with honest people. It’s refreshing to see it in action," Snyder said.

A state law prohibits someone from keeping lost or otherwise mislaid property.

Snyder said he contacted the wallet’s owner, a Snyderville Basin resident who is in his 50s, after finding the person’s identification on the driver license. He called the person and received a call back a few hours later. The owner retrieved the wallet at the Park Avenue police station a few hours later.

"Thankful. Very thankful. He was concerned," Snyder said about the wallet owner’s response.