Park City’s construction industry posts an $8 million month |

Park City’s construction industry posts an $8 million month


The construction industry continued to post solid numbers through November, the Park City Building Department reported, more evidence of 2013 being somewhat of a comeback year even if the dollar figures do not approach those posted prior to the recession.

According to the Building Department, 105 permits were issued in November valued at just more than $8 million combined. The dollar figure was down from the previous month but soared from the previous November, when a little less than $4.9 million worth of permits was issued. The amount was also well ahead of November 2011, when a little less than $1.6 million in permits was issued.

The Building Department said permits for five houses boosted the number in November. The permits were valued at $3.9 million combined. A permit for a duplex, pegged at a little less than $1.2 million, was also issued.

Eighty-one permits were issued for alterations or additions, mostly involving residential properties. The alterations and additions were valued at a little more than $2.7 million combined. Permits for alterations and additions have been more important to the overall numbers in the years since the recession as property owners have chosen to fix up their places or enlarge them instead of putting up new buildings.

The value of the new construction projects that received permits in November as compared to the month’s alterations and additions will be encouraging to the construction industry. Alterations and additions are typically not as valuable as new construction projects.

Some of the valuable permits issued in November included:

  • a house on Snow Top Road valued at a little less than $1.2 million
  • a duplex on Gallivan Court valued at a little less than $1.2 million
  • a house on Foxwood Court valued at $907,506
  • an addition on Holiday Ranch Loop Road valued at $799,542

    Six-figure permits were also issued for a series of remodels.

    The year-to-date dollar figure through the end of November sat at $68.9 million, ahead of the $62.1 million worth of permits that had been issued through the same period in 2012. The construction industry in 2013 performed solidly, at its busiest twice approaching $10 million in a month. The numbers are up from the depths of the recession, but they are not approaching the $100 million-plus years prior to the downturn.

    The number of electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits was mixed compared to the figures the previous month and the previous November. The Building Department conducted an average of just less than 83 inspections per day in November, up slightly from the previous month and the previous November.