Park City’s emergency manager ends term leading statewide organization |

Park City’s emergency manager ends term leading statewide organization

Hugh Daniels has spent nearly eight years as the emergency program manager at City Hall, planning for the worst and hoping the blueprints for a response do not need to be put in action.

For the past year, Daniels has held a statewide role dedicated to emergency planning as well. Daniels on Thursday will leave the post of president of the Utah Emergency Management Association after serving for one year in the top position. He was the president-elect in 2013 and will be the past president in 2015, completing a three-year period in leadership. Chris Blinzinger, the Provo emergency manager, will succeed Daniels.

The association involves upward of 250 members from a wide range of agencies. Some are from municipalities or counties while others represent the state government, the federal government, health departments, hospitals, volunteer organizations, the military and American Indian tribes. It represents the membership on issues like legislation that impacts emergency planning.

Daniels said some of the accomplishments during his time leading the association included redesigning the website, increasing the group’s presence on social media, increasing cooperation with state emergency managers and updating the association bylaws.

He said a section of the bylaws was added outlining topics related to professionalism and ethics. Daniels said he stressed ethical issues like maintaining confidentiality and avoiding conflicts of interest. He also pressed for continuing education.

Daniels said the membership approved the bylaws section overwhelmingly.

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"They need to lay out in black and white what’s expected of them by the organization," he said.

Daniels, a 1990s-era member of the Park City Council, returned to City Hall in the emergency manager post. He is the first person to hold the position for Park City. He is based in the Park Avenue police station and works closely with emergency services like the police and the Park City Fire District. His position reports directly to the Park City manager, though.

Daniels said his time in the association’s leadership showed City Hall’s interest in professional groups. He also said he gained contacts in local governments across Utah and in the state government.

In a message to association members marking the end of his time as president, Daniels said it was an honor to serve in the position.

"We set out some goals early in the year and I am pleased that we have been mostly able to accomplish them. Some took longer than expected and a couple will flow into Chris Blinzinger’s upcoming term as President but through the hard work of Board Members and Committee Members we got a lot done," Daniels said in the message. "That is particularly gratifying knowing that all of us have jobs that have significant requirements, yet many of you were willing to volunteer your time to make UEMA a high class professional organization."