Permanent variable message boards coming |

Permanent variable message boards coming

Courtesy of Park City Municipal Corporation
Mobile VMS boards such as this one will be replaced with smaller, permanent boards that better complement Park City’s community character.
Courtesy of Park City Municipal Corporation

Two major thoroughfares leading into and out of Park City will soon have permanent signage additions. Four variable message signs will be installed at key locations on State Roads 224 and 248 to allow both city and Utah Department of Transportation staff to provide traveler information remotely and in real-time.

The four signs will be installed at the intersections of Thaynes Canyon Drive and Bonanza Drive on S.R. 224 and in front of Park City High School and Wyatt Earp Drive on S.R. 248.

“Our new VMS boards and other improvements will allow the city to communicate directly with travelers during peak ski days, emergencies, and special events,” said Alfred Knotts, transportation planning manager for Park City Municipal Corporation.

The permanent VMS boards will also blend into their surroundings better than the mobile units currently in use. “The new boards are actually smaller and will be encased in wooden frames that complement the city’s other wayfinding elements,” said Knotts.

In addition, since they will be permanent fixtures, the city’s Parks Department will be able to landscape around their bases, helping them contribute to—rather than detract from—the town’s community character.

“The VMS boards and other Intelligent Transportation System improvements are visible examples of our larger strategic planning approach to transportation,” said City Manager Diane Foster. “As we continue to work cooperatively with Summit County and UDOT to address our regional transportation needs, we will emphasize proactive communication with our residents and visitors as a key success metric.”

One-third of the boards were funded by the city, with the remaining two-thirds funded by a match from UDOT.
“We know that—to keep Park City Park City—we need to move the needle on transportation,” said Councilman Tim Henney. “Taking a holistic approach—from planning to communications—is the best way to ensure our solutions address the problems head-on.”

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