Road kill cuisine: two try to take dead deer in Park City for meal |

Road kill cuisine: two try to take dead deer in Park City for meal


A man and a woman earlier in July were apparently seeking a free venison meal in Park City.

The Park City Police Department a little bit before 4:49 p.m. on July 5 received a report involving the two people and a deer carcass. The call was logged close to the Bonanza Drive-Kearns Boulevard intersection, one of the busiest corners in Park City.

According to the police, they were seen removing a deer carcass. It appeared to the person who contacted the police they wanted the dead animal for food. The caller told the police they were "wearing ‘hippie’ clothing," logs said.

Rick Ryan, a police captain, said a motorist hit and killed the deer. The two people were pedestrians who saw the carcass, he said. The deer was still on the side of the road when a police officer arrived.

An officer saw the two people panhandling at a nearby gas station-convenience store, Ryan said. They left the scene but were later arrested elsewhere in Park City on charges not related to the deer carcass. Ryan said the person who initially contacted the Police Department said the two people appeared to be transients.

"It’s a pretty desperate way to go. A lot of dangers in doing that, of course," Ryan said about dining on road kill.

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