Rory Murphy, City Council hopeful, contributes money to opponents |

Rory Murphy, City Council hopeful, contributes money to opponents


An unexpected name was listed as a contributor to two Park City Council candidates: one of their opponents on Election Day.

Rory Murphy, a developer seeking a spot on the City Council, contributed to Andy Beerman and Nann Worel, according to financial statements filed at City Hall. Beerman is an incumbent seeking re-election while Worel is a member of the Park City Planning Commission seeking a first term. Murphy is competing against both of them as well as three other people on the ballot. Voters may select up to three candidates.

"They’re two outstanding candidates and they deserve my support," Murphy said.

Murphy contributed $250 to Beerman’s campaign in late July. He gave $250 to Worel’s City Council bid in early June, as Murphy was formalizing his own campaign.

He said Worel is "bright, balanced, accomplished, fair, reasonable, decent, kind." Beerman is "intelligent, accomplished, kind, decent, even-tempered, balanced," Murphy said, adding that Beerman has a strong understanding of the issues.

Murphy declined to reveal whether he voted for Beerman or Worel when he cast his ballot during an early voting period.

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