Skier makes fist at patroller, arrested at Deer Valley, police say |

Skier makes fist at patroller, arrested at Deer Valley, police say


The Park City Police Department arrested a man after what authorities describe as a brief encounter on the slopes of Deer Valley Resort involving the man and a member of the resort’s ski patrol.

Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the patroller was driving a snowmobile on an unspecified run on Feb. 9 as the man was skiing toward the snowmobile. The skier held an arm out and made a fist like he intended to hit the patroller, Ryan said. The patroller ducked to avoid the man’s fist and ordered the skier to stop, according to the police.

The skier stopped, the patroller seized the man’s ski pass and ordered him to leave, Ryan said. The man, though, boarded a ski lift to take another run, eventually skiing to Silver Lake Village, he said. Deer Valley detained the man and called the Police Department at 3:22 p.m. An officer arrested the man at the resort.

Ryan said preliminary charges of reckless skiing and intoxication, both misdemeanors, were filed against the man. The police booked him into the Summit County Jail. The man is from Massachusetts.

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