Small cell antenna addition to Main Street |

Small cell antenna addition to Main Street

Stronger cell signals are coming to upper Main Street after the Park City Planning Commission approved the conditional use permit for a new telecommunications facility Wednesday.

The small cell antenna will reside on the roof of the Wasatch Brew Pub, 250 Main Street, in a screened container rising above the decorative façade. Verizon Wireless, the applicant, agreed to make the walls of the screen mimic the siding material and color of the building. The actual material will be fiberglass.

The Wasatch Brew Pub is a non-historic building. The new antenna will share a signal with a smaller number of cell phone users, all within a 500-foot radius. A second similar facility at 340 Main Street will come in front of the commission in May for another conditional use permit.

Fewer, larger antennae would end up interfering with each other, due to the topography of the area, according to Verizon’s representative.

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