Summit County Democrats await next week’s presidential debate |

Summit County Democrats await next week’s presidential debate


Glenn Wright is not decided as he considers which Democratic presidential hopeful to support.

Wright, the chairman of the Summit County Democratic Party, was in attendance when Hillary Clinton recently stopped in the Park City area, contributing to her campaign to attend the event.

He said he is leaning toward Clinton as the first debate between the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination approaches. The debate is scheduled on Tuesday. The large Republican field of candidates has generated extensive publicity, particularly as the first GOP debate approached, but the Democrats next week will be in the spotlight.

Wright said he wants the Democrats to outline a positive vision for the country. That, he said, will offer a contrast to the Republicans. They have offered a negative view, Wright said.

Wright said the debate next week will offer an opportunity to observe the candidates’ personality and weigh their chances in the election. Their leadership will also be on display, he said.

"I don’t see a lot of differences on the issues between the Democrats," he said.

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Wright noted Clinton has executive experience having served as the secretary of state. He mentioned her experience as a senator and as a first lady. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont senator who is also seeking the nomination, has experience in the upper chamber, Wright said.

He said the publicity the GOP field received when the Republicans held their first debate helped those candidates. The first Democratic debate will "start to even the playing field in that respect," Wright said.

Wright said he had heard messages from the Republicans like fear Muslims, hate Mexicans, ignore the environment and don’t hurt the wealthiest Americans. He wants the Democrats to offer a different sort of campaign.

"A positive vision of where we’re going to go," he said.

Wright said issues he wants the candidates to address during the debate include income inequality, infrastructure improvements, reducing the cost of health care and the cost of college.

"I think they’ll all come out looking good compared to what we’ve seen from the Republican clown show," Wright said.

The leader of the Summit County Republican Party plans to watch the Democratic debate, saying he wants to learn if the Democrats have plans to improve the lives of Americans. Tal Adair said Democrats heavily spend taxpayer money, but he wants the country to have a stronger military and a better economy. Adair has not decided which Republican he supports.

Adair wants the Democrats to outline "specifically, what is their agenda to improve our lives." He does not want them to be superficial.

"Are we going to be better off with any of them on the stage in four more years than we are currently," he said.