Sundance Film Festival booked at the Park City Library for 2015 |

Sundance Film Festival booked at the Park City Library for 2015

The Santy Auditorium is booked for the Sundance Film Festival.

The auditorium, located in the Park City Library and Education Center, will be ready to serve as a festival screening room by the time Sundance opens in late January, City Hall says. The library is undergoing a major renovation, but the work in the Santy Auditorium was scheduled early on to ensure it could be used during Sundance. It has been a screening room for years.

Matt Twombly, the City Hall project manager overseeing the library renovation, said on Monday structural upgrades to the library roof above the Santy Auditorium, including installing steel beams, were completed in the summer. A new roof membrane was also put down there.

The crews, meanwhile, have completed the portions of the renovation on the inside of the Santy Auditorium. The finishes are completed, the walls were repainted and the ceiling has new paint as well.

Twombly said an upgraded sound and projection system, funded by City Hall, Sundance organizers and the Park City Film Series, is being installed. The crews are hanging speakers, running wiring for the projection and sound systems and setting up the projection booth.

The work inside the Santy Auditorium, Twombly said, is slightly ahead of schedule. A small number of seats that were temporarily removed to allow scaffolding inside the Santy Auditorium have been reinstalled.

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The Santy Auditorium is an important screening room during Sundance, holding nearly 500 seats in a central location. The work schedule at the Library and Education Center was drafted to ensure the auditorium was ready for Sundance.

Twombly, though, said other work inside the building needs to be completed prior to Sundance to ensure the Santy Auditorium is operational. By the middle of January, Twombly said, a checklist of items must be finished. It includes hallways, stairways, restrooms, the elevator and the sprinkler system. He said there are also plans to install carpeting in the Santy Auditorium beforehand.

"We need to be able to get all the people in, upstairs and into the theater," Twombly said.

There will be temporary walls built for Sundance to stop people from wandering into unfinished areas of the Library and Education Center. The route to the Santy Auditorium during the festival will be similar to previous years. A tent for the ticket-holder line will be erected outside the north side of the building and people headed to screenings will use the north-side stairwell.

The renovation is meant to turn the Library and Education Center into an environmentally friendly, 21st century library. It involves numerous technological upgrades and an addition to the north side of the building. The work started in June and is expected to be completed in June 2015. The work is anticipated to cost $9.3 million. The project remains on budget. Library functions during the renovation have been relocated to off-site locations like Miners Hospital and the Marsac Building. The Park City Film Series plans to return to the Santy Auditorium in the early summer.

Twombly said the construction crews will halt their work during Sundance. Some of the parking spots outside the building will be available for use by official Sundance vehicles. Taxis and private vehicles dropping people off or picking them up will also be allowed to use the parking spots, similar to previous years.

"Noise and access and, also, while it’s occupied, we don’t want to be doing any work that might create a hazard," he said.