Sundance-goers boarded bus after bus in Park City |

Sundance-goers boarded bus after bus in Park City

by Jay Hamburger, THE PARK RECORD

Approximately 30,000 people rode Park City buses each day during the Sundance Film Festival in January, which will likely be the busiest period of the year for the transit system.

Park City officials say the daily number is upward of triple the passenger count on a busy day during the ski season.

Park City buses operated normal routes during Sundance as well as a theater loop that made stops at festival screening rooms.

City Hall and Sundance organizers have long encouraged people to ride buses during the festival, saying that traffic is bad and there is not parking available at many Sundance venues.

The municipal government, meanwhile, offered other details about Sundance in its February newsletter, including that 365 business licenses were issued by City Hall. Of those, 144 of the licenses went to firms that operated for-hire vehicles like taxis or shuttles. The firms operated a combined 722 vehicles, according to City Hall.

The Park City Building Department, meanwhile, holds a critical role in permitting during Sundance. The department handed out 129 permits related to the festival, the newsletter said.

Either City Hall or Sundance organizers put up 2,000 or so barricades for the festival, according to the newsletter.

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