Sundance-goers should know Park City has rules |

Sundance-goers should know Park City has rules

by Jay Hamburger, THE PARK RECORD

The buzz about Sundance Film Festival entries had started by the time of the first screening on Thursday. The marketing campaigns were underway along Main Street. Posters and handbills appeared before dark.

Park City officials have put regulations on film or product marketing, though, in an effort to keep some semblance of order, particularly on Main Street. City Hall rules, as an example, prohibit someone from distributing handbills, stickers, posters, fliers and other promotional material in public spaces, such as on the Main Street sidewalks.

City Hall puts kiosks along Main Street during the film festival for promotional materials. They are quickly covered with posters, handbills and other materials promoting films. There are typically several layers of materials on the kiosks by the end of Sundance.

The kiosks are meant to discourage people from posting the materials on buildings along Main Street without the permission of the owners. There had been problems like that in the past.

"Park City code enforcement officers patrol the streets every day and night during the Sundance Film Festival to ensure City regulations are observed. Repeat offenders will be cited," City Hall says in the Rules of the Road rundown of regulations posted on the municipal website.

The Rules of the Road, meanwhile, outline numerous other regulations of importance during the film festival. Someone is prohibited from giving out publicity material from a vehicle. Showing screenings in a vehicle is not allowed. Someone also cannot use a megaphone or outdoor speakers to promote a film or product.

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Sidewalk musicians must obtain a license from City Hall before performing. They cost $5 each day with a 10-day maximum.

The Rules of the Road also cover numerous other topics related to operating in Park City during the film festival, including gifting or hospitality suites, alcohol service, signs and lighting.

It also provides a list of City Hall and other government contacts. Kayla Sintz, the planning manager for the municipal government, is the point person. She is reachable at 615-5062 or .

The Rules of the Road document is available on the City Hall website, . Select ‘Sundance Film Festival’ in the ‘Doing Business’ dropdown menu on the front page of the website. Then select ‘Rules of the Road.’ The page offers a series of other links addressing a range of Sundance-related topics. The direct link to the Rules of the Road is: .