Sundance Main Street closure impacted traffic |

Sundance Main Street closure impacted traffic

The Festival Village on lower Main Street has impacted the traffic pattern on the perimeter of the Sundance Film Festival setup, according to the Park City Police Department.

City Hall agreed to allow the closure of a section of lower Main Street to traffic to create the Festival Village. The closure has caused issues, though, at nearby intersections.

Phil Kirk, a police captain who has conducted regular patrols along Main Street during Sundance, said the closure has prevented drivers from turning from Main Street onto Deer Valley Drive at the northern end of Main Street. The traffic must instead turn at 7th Street or 9th Street. Kirk said there are many pedestrians at the 7th Street and 9th Street intersections, causing vehicles to line up as they wait for the pedestrians to clear.

Police officers noticed the issue at the outset of Sundance. There was not an opportunity to address the cause, though, since the festival footprint along lower Main Street was finalized earlier.

Kirk said the impact on the traffic pattern will be discussed as part the talks between City Hall and Sundance organizers that are held after each festival.

"We tried something this year differently that we knew all along might have some consequences," Kirk said.