Sundance wait list: did the new system work? |

Sundance wait list: did the new system work?


Sundance Film Festival organizers are conducting an online survey centered on the so-called eWaitlist system that debuted during this year’s festival.

The e-Waitlist was an online system meant to streamline the process of snagging a ticket to a screening that was sold out. Sundance has tinkered with the wait-list procedures over the years. The change in 2014 was one of the most notable, though.

The survey was distributed to people who registered for the festival’s eWaitlist system. The survey asks questions like:

  • how many screenings did someone attend after obtaining a ticket through the eWaitlist, Multiple-choice answers range from zero to more than seven.
  • what technology someone used to access the eWaitlist, with answers including smartphones, tablets, public computers and personal computers.
  • whether the eWaitlist improved someone’s experience at the festival
  • the ease of use of the eWaitlist, with answers ranging from excellent to poor
  • whether someone used a hotline for customer service
  • " . . . the ease with which you found your place in line once checking in at the theatre"