Suspected gang graffiti found in Park City |

Suspected gang graffiti found in Park City


Graffiti suspected to be the markings of a gang was found in Prospector in early May, the Park City Police Department said, indicating it has been some time since gang graffiti has been seen in the city.

A police officer with experience in identifying gang-related graffiti was on patrol on the 1900 block of Sidewinder Drive discovered the marking on a utility box. Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the officer took a photo and forwarded the image to another Park City officer who is the department’s liaison to the Metro Gang Unit in the Salt Lake Valley.

The graffiti the Roman numeral XIV — was determined to be the marking of the Nortenos gang, Ryan said. The person who left the Roman numeral also painted a line through other graffiti that was already at the location that is believed to be the marking of a different tagging crew or gang based in the Park City area, he said.

Ryan said the Nortenos have had a presence in Park City for at least 10 years. The marking found in Prospector was the first gang-related graffiti discovered in Park City in "a while," he said.

"It tells us they’re still here. They’re still out and about," Ryan said.

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