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Teen admits role in trashing a Park City house

Juvenile detention suspended, mediation ordered

A teen has admitted a role in a destructive vandalism case in Thaynes Canyon last fall. The house, shown shortly afterward, suffered widespread damage. The homeowner says damage totaled approximately $230,000.
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A 15-year-old recently admitted a role in a vandalism case last fall that trashed a house in Thaynes Canyon, the teen’s attorney said.

The teen was 14 at the time the vandalism occurred. The teen entered admissions to two counts of criminal mischief, one a class A misdemeanor and the other a third-degree felony, according to the teen’s attorney, Jessica Peterson. The teen also admitted to a class A misdemeanor count of criminal trespass, the attorney said.

The counts arose from an especially destructive act of vandalism at the home of Krista Dana and her family in October. There was widespread damage to the house. The open living room and kitchen were essentially upended. A couch was left upside down, other furnishings were strewn about the room, a microwave oven was destroyed and the window on a regular oven was smashed. Bottles of wine were destroyed, two sinks and a toilet were plugged and mattresses were slashed. Graffiti, including at least one racial epithet, was left on a wall.

Peterson said the Third District Juvenile Court judge presiding over the case, Elizabeth Knight, ordered the teen into mediation with Dana and a second vandalism victim in an attempt to reach an agreement regarding restitution.

The judge also ordered the teen to 30 days of detention, suspending the detention if the teen complies with the rest of the order. Some of the other parts of the order include:

  • requiring supervised Internet access and a prohibition on watching gaming on YouTube or participating in gaming that is violent.
  • requiring the teen to undergo a psychological evaluation, including a component focused on substance abuse
  • a prohibition on contacting the victims
  • prohibition on the teen obtaining a learners permit until it is approved by the teen’s therapist

    A second juvenile the authorities say was involved is scheduled to stand trial on April 18. The second juvenile is 15 years old and was 14 years old at the time of the vandalism.

    Dana said in an interview the mediation is proceeding well and she is hopeful for a resolution during the negotiations.

    “I think both parties are cooperative,” Dana said.

    Dana said the damage to the house totaled approximately $230,000. Dana’s insurance company covered most of the sum. Dana said restitution is sought from the juvenile for the remaining amount.

    The Dana family moved back into the house in the middle of March after staying in a rented condominium in Silver Springs since November. She said repairs are continuing with punch-list items.

    “It’s good to be back,” she said.

    Peterson provided a prepared statement to The Park Record saying the teen she represents accepted responsibility and is remorseful for what occurred. The other juvenile is believed to have instigated the incident and is more culpable than Peterson’s client, the statement said.

    “My client and his family have taken responsibility from the outset. They have been working and will continue to work with their child to ensure something like this never occurs again. They are actively working with the victims to assist them in whatever way they can to regain some normalcy in their lives. This includes, amongst other things, their willingness to participate in court ordered mediation with the victims to discuss restitution for the damages caused by the break-ins,” the statement said, in part.

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