Treasure developers plan to break out detailed model next week |

Treasure developers plan to break out detailed model next week

It will be the first time in years the visual aid is on public display

A model of the Treasure development was on display at the Marsac Building in 2010. The Treasure side intends to use the model as a visual aid at a Park City Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, the first time it will be on public display since 2010. Francisco Astorga, a City Hall planner shown in 2010, is now assigned to Treasure.
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The Treasure developers have provided numerous computer-generated images showing how the project would fit on a hillside overlooking Old Town.

On Wednesday, as the Treasure partnership continues its talks with the Park City Planning Commission, the developers intend to put another sort of visual on display.

A detailed physical model will be brought to the Marsac Building for the Planning Commission. It is believed that it will be the first time the model is on public display since 2010. The model was created during an earlier round of discussions about Treasure.

The model will likely be one of the highlights of what will be the final Planning Commission meeting of the year regarding Treasure. During the discussions in 2010, members of the Planning Commission and the public pored over the model. It was a detailed visual aid as those interested studied how the Treasure buildings would look in contrast to the surrounding neighborhood.

The model includes numerous nearby residences in addition to the Treasure buildings. People in the past seemed to hunt for their own properties on the model as they attempted to learn where Treasure would be situated in relation to their places.

“It’s just another way for the Planning Commission to get a sense of what we’re asking, why we’re asking,” said Pat Sweeney, the lead Treasure figure for the Sweeney family.

The Treasure partnership involves the Sweeney family, which is the historic owner of the property, and a firm called Park City II, LLC. The partnership wants the Planning Commission to approve a project encompassing approximately 1 million square feet of development on a hillside overlooking Old Town along the route of the Town Lift. The Sweeney family in the 1980s received an overall development approval involving the Treasure land and nearby parcels and now is seeking a more detailed approval that is required.

The Planning Commission in recent months has appeared to have deep-rooted concerns about the Treasure proposal as the panel has delved into a lengthy discussion about square footage and the design of the project. It seems the Planning Commission is not close to being ready to cast what will be a momentous vote on Treasure as the panel has addressed in detail other issues like the traffic the project is expected to attract.

The Planning Commission on Wednesday is anticipated to return to its discussions related to square footage. The Treasure side does not expect the Planning Commission will reach a resolution to the topic on Wednesday.

The reappearance of the model after a six-year absence will complement the visuals created by the Treasure side since then. The developers have largely relied on computer-generated images during the current round of discussions. The computer-generated images have shown numerous angles of Treasure and can be moved around on command to highlight details. The model, though, is seen as offering a better look at the Treasure site in the context of the neighborhood. There is concern in Old Town and elsewhere about the Treasure buildings looming over the neighborhood. The model shows individual houses on nearby streets like Lowell Avenue and Empire Avenue, two of the streets where there is widespread opposition to the project. Sweeney said the model has not been updated since 2010 to reflect development that has occurred in the vicinity since then.

“We’re hoping it will convince the Planning Commission, or some of the Planning Commission, that it is not quite the monster some people make it out to be,” Sweeney said about the model that will be brought on Wednesday.

The Treasure critics, however, could seize on the model. Opponents have consistently offered sharp opinions about the height and the overall mass of the project. It seems they could spend part of the meeting on Wednesday using the model to attempt to reinforce their arguments.

The Treasure side does not anticipate leaving the model on public display at the Marsac Building after the Planning Commission meeting, as it did for an extended period in 2010. Sweeney said the model became frail in the intervening years.

The Planning Commission meeting is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the Park City Council chambers at the Marsac Building. A public hearing is scheduled.

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