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Wallet loaded with $970 found, returned in Park City


Someone found a wallet loaded with cash at a Park City gas station recently and turned it in to the authorities, the Police Department said.

The police logged the case at 11:40 a.m. on March 22. Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the person pulled in for gas and found the wallet close to the pumps. The person gave the wallet to a staffer at the gas station, Ryan said. The gas station then contacted the Police Department and an officer was sent to retrieve the wallet.

Ryan said $970 in cash was inside the wallet as well as a bank card and a driving privilege card. The Police Department booked the wallet into the evidence room after the owner could not be contacted immediately. The police left a message for the owner to retrieve the wallet. A police report did not provide information about the owner’s city of residence.

Large amounts of found cash are occasionally turned in to the Police Department, Ryan said.

"I’ve always believed citizens of this community are good people," Ryan said, adding, "There’s still a lot of good people, honest people."

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