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Weapon fired at rodent in Park City, kindling wildfire concern

There are worries a bullet could spark blaze in the dry conditions

by Jay Hamburger

The Park City Police Department recently received a report of a person firing a weapon at a large rodent, something that is prohibited inside the city limits and has even broader significance amid concerns about wildfires in the area.

The Police Department said the report was logged a little bit after 8 a.m. on June 20 from someone on Solamere Drive. The police were told someone driving a Honda Odyssey pulled into a driveway and then shot at a marmot. Public police logs did not provide details and additional information from the Police Department was not immediately available.

The weapon was not identified in police logs. It is unlawful, though, to fire a projectile inside the Park City limits. The restriction essentially bars most sorts of hunting, including gun and bow hunting.

Hugh Daniels, who manages City Hall’s emergency programs, meanwhile, said hunting increases the risk of a wildfire, particularly if the hunter uses one of several sorts of bullets that are especially prone to igniting a fire. A steel-jacketed round can cause sparks while a tracer round lets off a burn as it travels, he said.

“When you make sparks, if there’s dry grass around, that’s how fires start,” Daniels said.

He said there was also a fire danger if the weapon fired on June 20 was a BB gun or pellet gun.

The report on Solamere Drive was filed just days before Park City staffers enacted a ban on fireworks. The staffers based the decision on the fire danger.