Park City’s construction industry sits at a lackluster $35.2 million |

Park City’s construction industry sits at a lackluster $35.2 million

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Park City’s construction industry through the end of November continued to trail the 2010 numbers, falling further behind the year-to-date total during the month.

The Park City Building Department reported the industry had posted $35.2 million in construction by the end of November. The figure sat at $53.1 million at the same time in 2010.

December is typically a slow month for the industry, meaning that it is less likely there will be major movement in the numbers by the end of the year.

According to the Building Department, 67 permits were issued in November valued at a combined $1.6 million. The dollar figure was less than half of the number in the previous month, when $3.8 million in work received permits.

The November number also trailed the figure recorded a year prior. The number in November 2010 was $2.4 million.

The department in November issued one permit for a house, valued at $328,218.08. Zero permits were issued for other classifications of residential construction like duplexes or condominiums. Alterations or additions, mostly to residential properties, accounted for most of the dollar value of the November tally.

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Electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits were mostly down from both the previous month and the same month the previous year.

The inspection load, meanwhile, fell sharply from both the previous month and the previous November. The Building Department conducted an average of 98 inspections per day in November, down 20 per day from the previous month. The number dropped precipitously from the 243 each day in November 2010.

The construction industry is suffering through another weak year, a result of the lingering concerns about the economy and a lack of major developments inside the Park City limits.

The recession struck at a time when it was expected there would be a development slowdown inside the Park City limits anyway. There are few parcels left inside Park City where major projects are able to be built, and the timeline is unclear for most of those developments. Park City Heights, a project along the S.R. 248 entryway, though, will prop up the numbers eventually.

In the period before the recession, the construction industry enjoyed widespread work in Park City, topping $100 million in the best years.