Park City’s Mountain High Dental strives for elevated care |

Park City’s Mountain High Dental strives for elevated care


Why be like everyone else when you can be fantastic? That’s the business philosophy of Jeffrey Gordon, an entrepreneur who is taking on the world through a profession not usually known for visionaries: dentistry.

That’s right, he works with teeth. Root canals and business finesse aren’t things people often associate, but that’s exactly why Gordon does.

"As opposed to following the templates of other dentists, we found out what consumers wanted," Gordon said.

In 1993, he began practicing in Miami Beach which almost 50 dentists called home. To make his mark he began looking at the two areas of patient dissatisfaction: dentists keep lousy hours, and dental work is scary. Combining his vision with his wife Donna’s office-management skills, the Gordons began addressing those two problems.

He opened early and stayed late. If people wanted to come in on Saturday, he came in Saturdays.

He began asking what people were afraid of. That was easy: the cost and the pain. So he set his rates low and worked out financing plans. He offered sedatives and pain killers to make people comfortable in the chair and treated them gently, he said.

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In general, he used customer service to address fear and build trust.

"Before we performed, we informed. There was never a surprise. We tell people what it will cost and we want to be a dental office that anyone can afford," he said.

Now, 15 years later, that office in Miami Beach has 50,000 patients, employs 10 dentists specialized in every area including surgery and sees 10 new patients a day, he said.

After falling in love with Park City, he decided to bring his business paradigm here, too. He made friends with local dentist Matthew Griffeth and the two are focusing on "accommodating dentistry" in Summit County.

"We embrace the lifestyle of Parkites and you can’t do that keeping banking hours in a dental office," Gordon said.

Griffeth is from Idaho and loves the mountain lifestyle.

"We were doing good but not great. I knew I could be busier. After Jeff and Donna told me about their options, I realized I wasn’t doing everything I could be doing," he said.

The two obtained control over the space next door, and in the near future Mountain High Dental will become twice as big.

Patient Jill Mackay affirmed Griffeth practices a different kind of dentistry. She said her fear of dentists keeps her away from them for years at a time. When in a chair, usually only for an emergency, she gets so uncomfortable she hyperventilates. Other dentists have offered her sedatives, but Griffeth is the first one she could wholly trust, she said.

"At 7:15 in the morning I called Mountain High Dental. Dr. Griffeth was so calming. He listened to me, calmed me right down and scheduled another appointment. I’ve been going back for three months," Mackay said.

After meeting the office’s dental hygienist, Sydney McKay, Mackay agreed to come in for cleanings. Her anxiety only allows her to get a few teeth done at a time, but McKay works with her schedule and makes her feel at ease.

Griffeth makes it a point to see how she’s doing even when her appointments aren’t with him, she said.

"Now I’m a regular," she said. "I can reach them 24-7 always and their staff is the best," she said.

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