Park City’s REEL School captures Olympic spirit |

Park City’s REEL School captures Olympic spirit

The Park City REEL School, which is part of Prospector ARTS and under the Emerson-Smith College umbrella, has been asked to do a documentary on the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Winter Olympics by the Park City Summit County Arts Council.

REEL School director Pam Lockwood, said the request came from council after she joined the council last year when the school moved to the Wasatch Back from the Wasatch Front.

"During a meeting last November, the council talked about the celebration and I was asked what we could do for it," Lockwood said during an interview with The Park Record. "When we said film some things, they went crazy."

The council and REEL School didn’t hammer out the specifics until this past January, when Lockwood and her students met with Kathy Hunter, director of the Park City Summit County Arts Council.

"She gave us the go ahead and we’ve been keeping in touch with her about what we’ve been doing," Lockwood said. "It’s really been fun."

So far, REEL School students have filmed interviews with Jim Shea, who won gold in the Skeleton at the 2002 Games, and with Park City Mayor Dana Williams.

"Jimmy and the Mayor were so wonderful to us," Lockwood said. "We also filmed footage of some of the celebrations of the exhibits at the Kimball Art Center."

Earlier this week, the REEL School filmed the relighting of the cauldron and got some shots at the Utah Olympic Park Community Celebration.

"We are planning to go to the Gateway Center in Salt Lake on Feb. 18, to get some footage of the Olympic Sport Festival," Lockwood said. "We want to get an interview with Mitt Romney, who is supposed to be there. The 2002 Games wouldn’t have been what they were if it weren’t for him."

The goal of the film is to make a documentary about how the Olympics and the Games catapulted Park City into the public eye.

"We’re also trying to convey where we think the city will be headed toward the future," Lockwood explained. "One of the things we want to show is how the Olympics changed our lives and the lives of the athletes, because some of them came to Utah for the games and ended up moving here."

Another component of the film is how the games affected the children and the cultural branch of the community.

"We’re trying to interview some present-day Olympians who were kids when the Games were here," Lockwood said. "And we’re going to throw in a little bit about what having the Olympics in Utah did for the arts, because not all of the impacts were on sports."

As of Friday, Lockwood said she and her students were discussing when and where the film will premiere.

"We’re planning on having some dailies shown at the Kimball Art Center and the Utah Olympic Park that will show some of the fun interviews we have done with the Olympic medalists, but one of the things we do have to determine is what we’re going to do with the full project," she said. "We need to decide where the finished film will be seen first, because if we show it at other film festivals like the Park City Film Music Festival this year, we won’t be allowed to submit to Sundance next year. So, the big question is do we want to hold onto it that long or do we want to get it out right away?"

Regardless, Lockwood’s eventual goal for the film is to screen it at as many film festivals she can.

"I’d also like it to go viral," she said.

As of now, the school is using one camera, but would like to buy or acquire some more equipment.

"We ran around trying to get some funding in January, but everyone was involved in the film festival, so we’re hoping for some angel to help us out," Lockwood said. "We’re still a fairly small organization and are trying find ways to reach out more into the community."

The REEL School was established in 2008. Board members include Denver Robbins, owner of Dark Sun Studios in Ogden, and Dennis Packard of Campus Studios at Brigham Young University.

"We go by the Robert Rodriguez philosophy grab a camera, get your butt out there and shoot," Lockwood said.

For more information about the REEL School, email Pam Lockwood at

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