Park Record Editorial, April 28, 2010 |

Park Record Editorial, April 28, 2010

April showers bring let's not mention it

Yuck. Springtime is supposed to be full of adorable baby animals and fresh flowers, but so far that is not the case in Summit County. The snow has receded, exposing months worth of trash, animal droppings and crumbling pavement.

Let’s face it, spring is not our best outfit.

But the muddy palette does offer an opportunity to get out the elbow grease and spruce up public walkways and trails, along with private yards.

Along most of the county’s highways there are signs that recognize volunteer groups who pick up the garbage that careless drivers toss out of their windows. Those hardy souls will be out in force soon, but in the meantime local residents can take the initiative to grab a broom and garbage bag and to collect the bottles, wrappers and miscellaneous debris that somehow embeds itself into the snowpack every winter.

Those who take the time to collect trash even though it isn’t theirs, may find a treasure or two. This week a rare piece of art was discovered on a Main Street planter box a previously undiscovered Banksy. Others like to do their housecleaning under the chairlifts where stray gloves, goggles or dollar bills are sometimes found amid the energy bar wrappers.

As to the extra-offensive animal droppings, wouldn’t it be nice if dog owners took some responsibility for the mess right from the outset? In many cities dog owners are required to pick up after their animals. We hope it doesn’t come to that in Park City but, unless pet owners become proactive themselves, it may come to that.

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Each spring, local residents have a month or two to refresh their surroundings before returning to their role as resort-town host. Let’s spend some of that time looking past our own backyards and helping to tidy up the trails and sidestreets that will soon, we hope, be lined with greenery and wildflowers.