Parked cars that impede plows could be towed |

Parked cars that impede plows could be towed

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

An ordinance enacted by the Summit County Commission Wednesday provides officials the means to declare snow emergencies on the East Side and in Snyderville.

Before he supported the measure, however, County Commissioner Ken Woolstenhulme asked to remove a section of the rules that requires the government make a reasonable effort to warn the public of snow disasters in their area.

"Do we treat [the public] like a bunch of kids who don’t know anything, or do we treat them like adults?" Woolstenhulme asked.

In a snow emergency, vehicles cannot be parked on the street, Summit County Commissioner Bob Richer explained.

"This follows the operational procedures that we have had in the past," said Kevin Callahan, administrator for Summit County Public Works. "People have gotten into bad habits."

Using media outlets that include newspapers and the radio station officials hope to notify the public of snow emergencies.