Parking during Sundance: as sought after as a ticket to a premiere |

Parking during Sundance: as sought after as a ticket to a premiere


A convenient parking spot in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival is as sought after sometimes as a ticket to a premiere screening or a table at a restaurant on Main Street.

Park City officials put tight restrictions on parking on or just off of Main Street during the festival, limiting the number of spaces that are available. There are also restrictions at Sundance theaters and in the neighborhood that surrounds Main Street. People who drive to Park City during the festival have options to pay a premium to park or leave their vehicles in outlying lots and take a bus to Main Street or the Sundance theaters.

"There’s no other time of year it’s this busy on Main Street," said Tommy Youngblood, a City Hall staffer who helps manage special events like Sundance.

Main Street is typically jammed during the festival, and restrictions on parking were put in place early in the week. Park City is restricting parking on both sides of the street along Main Street between the 9th Street intersection and the top of the street.

Parking for more than 15 minutes is prohibited and is limited to delivery vehicles, taxis and similar types of vehicles. The restrictions are in place 24 hours a day. People could be fined $150 and the vehicles could be towed.

The officials see the restrictions as being crucial to ensuring the traffic flows on Main Street during the festival.

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Meanwhile, public parking lots close to Main Street will be available to people willing to pay to park. Most of the lots are normally free.

Some of the details include:

  • the Brew Pub lot at the top of Main Street will cost $16 for three hours of parking
  • public parking lots just off of Main Street, such as the flagpole lot and the newer part of China Bridge cost $20. Drivers who leave and then return must pay again. The price drops to $10 starting on Tuesday.

    People who hold a Main Street employee parking permit, known as CB permits, may park for free on the roof of the older China Bridge garage, in the lot on the north side of the Marsac Building and in designated spots in the Gateway Center. They may also pay another $250 for a guaranteed spot inside the China Bridge garage for Sundance.

    Parking on residential streets surrounding Main Street is restricted to people who live there and obtained the necessary parking sticker.

    Outlying parking lots from Main Street will also be available during Sundance free of charge. Deer Valley Resort’s Snow Park Lodge lots 5 and 6 will be open for Sundance parking after 5 p.m. Buses to the Old Town transit center will be available from the lots. Vehicles must be removed by 3 a.m. and the final bus from the transit center to the lots leaves at 2:30 a.m. Free parking will also be available at Treasure Mountain Junior High during the weekends. The buses run to the lot until approximately 2 a.m.

    Other options include what are known as Lot F and Lot G on Prospector Avenue, costing $10 with no in-and-out privileges. Vehicles must be removed by midnight. Parking is also available at The Yard along Kearns Boulevard at $15 per entry.