Parking signs: a fib |

Parking signs: a fib

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

City Hall officials placed signs on key streets off Kearns Boulevard indicating permits are needed to park there, an effort to keep drivers heading to the nearby Triple Crown softball competitions from overrunning Prospector neighborhoods.

However, Max Paap, who handles special events for the local government, acknowledges the messages on the signs are fibs. People do not need permits to park on the streets.

He says four signs were put up — at Buffalo Bill Drive, Comstock Drive and two at Cooke Drive.

Paap says there is concern the people on their way to softball games at the Park City School District campus will drive to Prospector, park their cars and walk to the games.

The signs were put up on Tuesday. Paap expects they will remain until July 27, the last Friday of the tournament.

The decision was not influenced by ongoing talks between City Hall and Prospector neighbors, who are frustrated with the amount of traffic and how fast some drivers are said to travel.

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The softball tournament started on Monday. It is scheduled to end July 28. It is one of the busiest stretches of the summer, with teams, players’ families and other supporters traveling to Park City.

Old Town is the only neighborhood in Park City where people must hold permits to park on the street. There, officials say, the permits are needed to thwart people heading to Main Street or Park City Mountain Resort from parking on residential streets, such as Park Avenue, Woodside Avenue and Daly Avenue.