Parkite called a ‘Power Player’ in outdoor retail |

Parkite called a ‘Power Player’ in outdoor retail


Media marketing expert Paul Kirwin has lived in Park City for years and is working to build a new business here in town. Despite being fairly new, his work recently earned him recognition as a "2010 Power Player" in the outdoor retail industry.

Twenty-five years ago, Kirwin Productions made a business out of creating short, catchy sport films for use in sales presentations. After the success of that, he helped start an online training service for outdoor retailers. That company is now big enough to do without him, and Kirwin admitted he’d prefer to work near home in Park City. That led him to start Channel Signal, a business that manages marketing through social media for outdoor retailers.

"You can listen to what is going on about a brand in the blogosphere and engage the real influencers and provide good content for them, develop a good relationship with them and get their help spreading your message to consumers," he explained.

Some people develop large followings on Facebook, Twitter or through a blog. When they like something, they tell thousands of people about it. When they don’t like something, they do the same. Kirwin said Channel Signal pays attention to who those people are and what they’re saying or could be saying about a client’s brand. They develop marketing strategies that target these influencers.

During the recent OutdoorRetailer Winter Market in late January, Channel Signal developed a Twitter feed for the show that was broadcast live on the show floor so attendees to could tweet to one another.

SNEWS, an outdoor retail-industry news publication, took notice of Channel Signal’s progress in 2009 and named Kirwin one of 10 "2010 Power Players."

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The article explained, "Insight and inspiration provide an edge that everybody can use in today’s business climate. Both can be found by listening to people who have become business leaders. That is the driving force behind the SNEWS Power Players an honor that acknowledges outdoor industry leaders for varied accomplishments in different industry sectors."

Michael Hodgson, editor/publisher, said via email that the award is intended to honor people in the industry who are innovative, inspirational, visionary, distinguished, compassionate and mentors. The award is decided through nominations that are "whittled down" by a panel of editors.

"Paul Kirwin earned a nod from his peers because of his vision and unique ability to get others to see a kernel of a good and marketable idea amid an often vast field of industry clutter. Whether it is marketing a brand as an advertising executive, or developing a brand as a business owner, Paul leads and inspires by passionate example, and surrounds himself with such great talent it is hard for his ideas to fail," he said.