Parkite crowned ‘Sexiest of the Sexies’ |

Parkite crowned ‘Sexiest of the Sexies’

Alisha Self, Of the Record staff

When In Utah This Week crowned its Sexiest Guys and Girls of 2010 at The Hotel Bar & Nightclub in Salt Lake City on Feb. 5, Parkite Michael "Mickey" Preman was ready for the limelight.

Earlier that night, Preman’s friends had convinced him to wear a get-up that included white cowboy boots, tight jeans, a turtleneck and a fanny pack. "I normally dress like every other Joe Schmo out there," he says. "I was thinking, ‘This is going to be priceless.’"

Preman expected to go to the event and at the very least have a blast dancing and pretending to be a European tourist. However, he ended up being named the "Sexiest of the Sexies" and was called on stage to accept his award.

"When I walked up there, the clapping died down immediately," he says. "Everyone was so confused. There were some good-looking people there."

Even if people didn’t recognize Preman’s good looks beyond his ridiculous ensemble, they certainly got a taste of his sense of humor.

Last year, Preman was anonymously nominated and selected to be featured in the Salt Lake City-based publication In This Week.

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He decided to do something atypical during his photo shoot. He also wanted to reflect his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker, so he posed partially nude with a large film reel positioned over his lower torso.

"It was a chance to kind of push the envelope a little bit," he says. "I just wanted people to laugh when they saw it."

Preman, who shoots, edits and produces video for Park City Television, isn’t used to being in front of the camera. "I hate it. Looking at pictures, I was like, ‘I kind of have a lazy eyelid if I smile a certain way,’" he says. "But I can appreciate those guys [the crew]. The photographer was very professional the entire time, even though he probably wanted to laugh. It was fun, but at the same time I think I’m ready to be back behind the camera."

Now that he has won the title of "Sexiest Man," Preman might find himself spending more time as a model. His prize included a Wilhelmina modeling contract.

He also won a spa day, which he handed over to his personal promoter and friend Rachael Di Yanni. When Preman got an email with the contest details during the Sundance Film Festival, he knew he’d be too busy working to launch any sort of voting campaign.

The contest winners were to be determined by online votes, so Di Yanni took matters into her own hands. She sent out social media alerts and got in touch with local PR representatives to encourage them to vote for Preman. In return, she told him he’d have to hand over the spa day if he won.

Preman obliged, and he also pledged special incentives for some of the voters. "I promised them half-year calendars as a joke," he says. "I think a lot of Park City people voted, because they thought a) it was funny and b) and it was kind of like a community thing."

When he found out he won, Preman was happy to give Di Yanni her spoils. "Basically the bulk of the winnings went right to her," he says, but since she recently broke her femur, he felt it was a good cause.

"Rachael got her spa day, and that was the biggest thing," he says. "As for the modeling thing, I don’t really care. Unless it’s a goofy photo shoot, then I’ll totally do it."

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