Parkite promotes holistic health |

Parkite promotes holistic health

Kelly Keiter, Of the Record Staff

New Parkite and yoga instructor Rebecca Brenner said a healthy lifestyle is not only about balancing calories and engaging in excessive exercise. She says diet is about eating the right foods. With a Ph.D in holistic nutrition, Brenner says she can help Park City residents improve their lifestyles.

"Yoga is a great way for people to turn into themselves," Brenner said. "But nutrition is just as important as yoga."

Brenner recently opened Park City Holistic Health, where she works with clients one-on-one to come up with holistically nutritious diets and exercise plans to help them improve their health, balance and energy levels.

Rebecca Brenner moved to Park City from Pennsylvania with her husband, Allen Nelson, in June. Brenner studied dance and somatic education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh. She also studied experiential anatomy and kinesiology at the University of California, Irvine, and with various contemporary dance companies around the United States. She is certified as a yoga instructor by the Sivananda Vedanta Center in Nassau, Bahamas , and is finishing her 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training through Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science. Brenner also recently received her Ph.D in holistic nutrition and somatics from Clayton College.

When Brenner lived in Pennsylvania, she owned and taught at the Darshana Yoga Center. She now teaches yoga and mediation at Tadasana Yoga Studio and Park City Yoga Studio.

"I believe the body has the natural ability to heal itself through holistic diet," she said. "I feel like holistic health isn’t just about one avenue. To be holistically healthy, you have to be in [tune] with the environment."

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Brenner encourages her clients to eat organic foods and to steer clear of processed, preservative-packed foods found commonly in America.

"Whole foods, natural, holistic foods, are better than processed foods," Brenner said. "Most of what we suffer from are degenerative diseases. With a good diet and stress management, those diseases can be alleviated."

Brenner explained that, by incorporating healthy foods into a diet, partnered with exercise and meditation, people can experience greater energy, balance and happiness in their lives.

"It’s seems like it’s something that’s so commonsense, but people don’t really know about it," she said about a healthy diet.

That’s why Brenner designed a one-on-one program, to help clients select the healthiest foods for their diets, as well as teaching them how to prepare meals and incorporate exercise routines into their lives.

Brenner said a lot of people have the misconception that they can eat anything and take vitamin supplements to make up for what they do not put into their bodies. But, she said, this type of diet does not do the trick.

"You really want to get all the minerals and nutrients you need from your diet," she said.

The nutritionist said it is important that people incorporate fresh, organic fruits and vegetables into their diets, and eat a lot of green vegetables.

"I’m getting people excited about fruits and vegetables and thinking less of vegetables as a side dish," she said.

Brenner said people who purchase organic foods also help the environment, because organic fruits and vegetables are not grown with pesticides.

"Holistic nutrition is a great way for an individual to be proactive about the environment," she said.

Brenner works with clients to create diet and exercise plans that work best for them.

"Everybody’s so different," Brenner said. "We’re all unique."

She meets with clients in their homes to discuss what they can change.

Her services include grocery store shopping with clients to pick out the healthiest foods. She also assists them in meal preparation. She has many healthy recipes on hand that clients can try using healthy ingredients.

"We get creative and have fun," Brenner said.

Brenner is also looking into developing statewide and nationwide school lunch programs.

"Kids would benefit from learning about nutrition, stress management and yoga," she said.

Brenner also teaches individual and group yoga and meditation courses and incorporate them into her clients’ health plans.

For more information about Park City Holistic Health, visit , call (435) 659-0473 or e-mail Becca Brenner at