Paul Marsh – District 3 |

Paul Marsh – District 3


The greatest challenge facing the Park City School District is re-establishing our academic excellence and re-earning the confidence of our parents, teachers, staff and taxpayers of our community. It is time to re-set the baseline as to which programs contribute to student success. We are compelled to operate within the paradigm that, whereas programs facilitate and enhance education, it is teachers who motivate and educate our children. Simple — but historically effective.

Additionally, while we need to attain the highest level of academic achievement, we can not risk compromising each student’s needs and opportunities. We implement an exemplary program for special-needs students. Creative and performing arts have been recognized as stellar on a national stage. Prioritizing all of our efforts to upper tier achievement narrows our vision and our ability to provide the best education from elementary to high school, special to gifted, including C+ students who aspire to their personal best.

Closing the budget gap is best addressed by a comprehensive evaluation of where we spend relative to other successful districts, private programs and districts which have successfully navigated the economic downturn. The current budget crisis is far less about money than it is about priorities and planning. The Board has the obligation of understanding that their role is to facilitate education … not simply buy it.

We share an opportunity to cast our vote for a parent, educator and business person with 21 years of experience with the Park City schools, 10 years of classroom teaching, 25 years of business and an unequalled commitment to community. Each individual in our district has the right to be represented by a seasoned voice that has the understanding, depth and knowledge to address our communities’ shaken trust and our students’ educational well-being. I can, and will, represent that voice and ask for your vote. Paul Marsh, District 3.


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