Pay attention, taxes come out of your wallet |

Pay attention, taxes come out of your wallet

There will be numerous important government meetings in the next few months that will address issues regarding government revenues versus government expenses.

Inspired to attend any of them after reading the previous sentence? Probably not.

How about this: Government officials, from City Hall to the Park City School District to the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, might require you to pay more in taxes even as many people across the West Side are still reeling from the recession.

Hopefully that has your attention.

People who live in and around Park City have been lackadaisical historically when it comes to government budgets, whether it is the one Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council have started to discuss or those of other taxing entities. But this year will be one that should be interesting to you, the taxpayers.

City Hall might increase property taxes on an every-other-year basis, the first time in at least 20 years that officials want to raise taxes. The municipal government must keep up with inflation, officials say, and not enough money is coming in from sources like new development.

Meanwhile, a tax increase is possible by the Park City School District, not a surprise given the district’s history.

There is also rumbling that the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District could put a bond on the ballot to raise money to buy open space. And, of course, there looms the possibility of City Hall putting a giant ballot measure to voters if there are successful negotiations with the Sweeney family to purchase all or part of the Treasure acreage overlooking Old Town.

Whew. And this in a famously low-tax state like Utah.

Once those figures are added up nobody yet knows what the dollar amounts will be they will certainly shock the taxpayers, especially the ones who are not paying attention now.

It is too early for us to say whether the possible tax increases both the ones that would be instituted by officials on their own and the ones that voters would decide are justified. The debates about them have not occurred yet.

But we do understand the importance of the citizenry closely watching what happens at the Marsac Building and elsewhere. Information about the upcoming proceedings will be well publicized in this paper and through government sources.

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