PC Tots secures space at Park City Library, but a Winter Olympic move out is possible

Prospects broached of the strategic location being temporarily used during a Games

The Norway House temporarily occupied space inside the Park City Library building during the 2002 Winter Olympics. The possibility of the building being used during a future Games has been broached in the talks about a lease for the PC Tots preschool at the location.
Park Record file photo

PC Tots plans to open a location in the Park City Library as early as November.

And under the terms of a property lease recently approved by the Park City Council between the not-for-profit preschool and City Hall for the space in the library building, PC Tots could stay there for the next decade as the long-term child care provider.

In a notable point that was part of the discussions between the leadership of the preschool and City Hall, the sides considered the prospects of a Winter Olympics occurring sometime during the 10-year period covered in a lease, a renewal and an extension. The years cover the period of Games of 2030 and the preparation for those of 2034.

The inclusion of a possible Games in the talks about a lease is more evidence of the municipal government taking early steps toward planning for an Olympics, should the event be awarded to Salt Lake City.

The capital city is seen as a contender for the Games of 2030 or four years later, and Park City would have an outsized role in an Olympics. Three competition venues — Park City Mountain, Deer Valley Resort and the Utah Olympic Park — are on the concept map for a Games, while Park City would also be expected to be critical to transportation, security and celebration planning.

The PC Tots lease includes an initial two-year term starting later in 2023. A City Hall report drafted in anticipation of a recent City Council meeting indicated new rounds of negotiations between PC Tots and the municipal government would be held in 2025 and 2028. There would be the possibility of discussions about the future use of the space in 2032, as the PC Tots agreement reaches its end, by Park City leaders at that time. The years cover the period of Games of 2030 and the preparation for those of 2034.

“A future Winter Olympics is the only time in the next 10 years when the City Council may want to temporarily reprioritize the space. The term structure allows the Council to consider any temporary facility repurposing during the 2025-26, 2028-29, and 2032-33 lease negotiations. This provides future Councils flexibility and discretion,” the City Hall report said.

Officials at the Marsac Building have recognized that the possibility a Winter Olympics in the future would bring wide-ranging impacts to the functions of the municipal government, as was the case during the era of the 2002 Winter Olympics. The potential is slowly permeating through City Hall and has included Games-centric discussions and the earmarking earlier in 2023 of the first monies for the effort.

If an Olympics were to be staged in the state, space around Park City would be sought by a variety of interests wanting to have a presence during a Games. National Olympic committees and Games sponsors would be some of the players that would likely be seeking temporary space in Park City for an assortment of purposes, including for receptions and marketing opportunities.

The library’s location would be strategic during a Games with it occupying exceptionally visible space between Park City Mountain and Main Street. Crowds heading between a competition venue at Park City Mountain and Main Street would pass the library on foot, on buses or in private vehicles, making the building attractive for a Games-related temporary lease. Part of the building temporarily became the Norway House during the Games of 2002, as the Winter Olympic powerhouse turned the space into a place for receptions and other activities. The lease agreement with the Norwegian contingent was priced at $175,000.

The executive director of PC Tots, Sue Banerjee, said in an interview there would be an appropriate amount of time — likely at least a year — to prepare to temporarily relocate from the library for a Games-related City Hall agreement with another party. She also acknowledged the municipal government would desire flexibility with space. Banerjee, though, said PC Tots would want to find a location on a temporary basis large enough for an enrollment of 20 preschoolers.

“It would not be ideal to move in and move out,” she said about a Games.

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