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PCEF partners with Ragnar Relay Series for support

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

The Park City Education Foundation has partnered with Ragnar Relay Series for support and fundraising expertise, according to Park City Education Foundation Marketing Manager Jennifer Billow, adding that Ragnar helped the foundation organize Running with Ed, and since then they have been working on a broader partnership. Ragnar will donate about $90,000 in services and grants throughout the year to the foundation.

"It started a year and a half ago when we asked them for a little help with starting Running with Ed. Since then, we have both grown as organizations. It’s a big deal for us. They are the No. 1 organizer of long-distance relay races throughout the country and they are hugely popular," Billow said. "They aren’t just sponsoring us for Running with Ed, they will sponsor us for the year. We feel like they want to be a great community partner and we are grateful that they want to do that with us."

Billow said that because Ragnar has an extensive volunteer base, they will be providing volunteers to make phone calls for the Phone-a-Thon, along with donating $5,000 toward Phon-a-Thon efforts. They will also contribute $5,000 to the school that rallies the most participants for the Walk-a-Thon this spring.

"They have incredible marketing and PR expertise and our hope is that in using their marketing and PR, we can grow our events," she said. "They are offering us a philanthropic consultant who can help us redo our sponsorship packet for Running with Ed so we can go out there and get more sponsors."

According to Ragnar Relay Series CEO and Park City resident Chris Infurchia, Ragnar recently changed its charitable strategy to go the extra mile for the communities that host the relay series. He said they are doing similar things with the communities at the start and finish lines of their races and look to support groups that help improve the lives of community members.

"I think it (PCEF) is a great cause and we’re excited to be a part of it. We are engaged right now and our marketing and operations teams have met," he said. "When we can bring infrastructure to an organization like that I think it’s really helpful."

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