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PCEF to try new strategy for Live PC Give PC

Gina Barker, The Park Record

With less than a week to go, the Park City Education Foundation is putting a strategy in place this year for Live PC Give PC, getting individual schools in on the day of giving. Every school in the Park City School District is participating, posting a project on the PCEF page where prospective donors can give to individual schools.

Live PC Give PC, a one-day online fundraiser for Park City and Summit County nonprofits, is scheduled for Nov. 16 and will last 24 hours. The event helps raise money for nonprofits ranging from maintaining hiking trails to hosting cultural events to providing supplies to those in need. Last year, the single-day event raised $330,000 for 55 nonprofits, with funds coming from 1,500 donors. The Park City Foundation set a new goal to raise $500,000 this year, with hopes of getting new donor participants. In that wake, PCEF has changed strategies.

"We thought it would be better for the schools to join in," said Jennifer Billow, the PCEF Communications Manager.

"This is one way that the parents can donate to their own school," she added. "It is a strategy that’s perfect for this event, to allow donors to look at schools individually. And every school gets to participate."

The Park City High School is hoping to raise funds for the Community Scholarship Fund. Treasure Mountain Junior High School is hoping to bolster the Anti-Bully Coalition. Ecker Hill Middle School is focusing on the Renew Crew, a recycling group. The Jeremy Ranch project is investing in wireless technology for classrooms, McPolin wants more field trips for students, Parley’s Park wants to support the school arts program and Trailside Elementary hopes to add a part-time science coordinator to the school staff.

Each project was created by either the school principals or the local PTA/PTO chapter with the help of PCEF. At the end of Live PC Give PC, the annual day of giving in Park City sponsored by the Park City Foundation, each school will receive a check from PCEF for the incoming donations.

"We asked schools to come up with a specific need," said Abby Funabiki, the PCEF Office Manager.

"At the beginning of the year, we sat down with each principal to discuss their needs and the grants, and then a specific need for this day," she added. "We were able to list every school, every project, online for donors to see."

Through the Live PC Give PC website on the PCEF page, donors can review each school project.

"These funds are unrestricted," Billow said. "When we do our grants, we can only take applications from teachers or administrators, a certain group. A parent cannot ask for a grant.

"Through this, these funds are unrestricted, which means things we typically can’t fund can be now."

In its first year, all donations that went to PCEF were used for the grants the nonprofit hands out to the local school district, teachers and principals. The change in format came after PCEF decided to implement a strategy, an opportunity outside its scheduled fundraising efforts for the year, that would benefit school projects directly.

Last year, the nonprofit fell in the top 20 nonprofits that received donations. This year, the Park City Foundation is setting the bar for donations higher, and some locals are already giving.

"Hopefully, this website will put the schools out in front," Funabiki said. "People will be able to see directly where their $10 donation will go, and that’s a big difference from before."

For more information about Live PC Give PC or to learn how to donate, visit http://livepcgivepc.razoo.com/.

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