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PCHS students put their math skills to use

Megan Yeiter, The Park Record

Park City High School juniors and seniors won the Utah State Math contest at University State University. This year, 27 high school students and 18 freshman and 8th-graders attended the event, according to Park City High School Math teacher Donna Hall.

"Both exams consisted of 30 multiple-choice problems that involved not only math calculation but reasoning and logic as well. No single question is simply computation but rather, involves careful detailed thought," Hall said in a press release. There are two exams, a senior exam for upper classmen, and a junior exam for younger students.

According to Park City High School junior Zac Mimlitz, he’s participated in the competition for three years. He said this exam was the easiest of three, but taking AP calculus this year might have helped.

"I didn’t really study too much independently, but I’m pretty ahead in math and so I just went from that," Mimlitz said. "It’s really fun and a good way to test yourself. It’s not taking a standard math test like you would in class. It’s mostly critical thinking and it’s a lot harder."

The top scorers at the competition include Park City High School students Andrew Method, Blake Wiehe, Sam Scudder, Nigel Long, Zac Mimlitz and Riley Runburg.

PCHS first place Utah State Math Competition students


Anne Fosburg

Audrey Harnagel

Hannah Hall

Laura Kelley

Samantha Kern

Andrew Method

Sam Scudder

Steve Shafsholt

Forest Sheehan

Blake Wiehe


Zac Jackson

John Lilquist

Jordan Lindsay

Nigel Long

Zac Mimlitz

Matt Parsons

Jack Runburg

Riley Runburg


Josh Boone

Orville Clarke

Will Griffith

Austin Hastings

Ellie Karr

Zach Laufer

Rea Lee

Will McDonald

Emily VanLuven


Kayla Harden

Max Johansen

Katie Kelley

Sam Kottler

Charlie Martz

Will Radovan

Nate Rosenblum

Adam Snyder

Sara Tabin


Lindsey Adams

Jamie Antinori

Charlie Barth

Jackson Burton

Eugene Kneller

Sam Kuennen

Emma Louden

Parker Shea

Allison Vernon