Peace House launches awareness campaign |

Peace House launches awareness campaign

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Park City’s Peace House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence through education, support services and its shelter, is launching a new awareness campaign in its efforts to increase community support. After 15 years serving Utah’s Wasatch and Summit counties, Peace House faces the same tough economic situation as many nonprofit organizations and its new campaign is an effort to secure its future.

"Like many other nonprofits, Peace House is experiencing a downward trend in funding, and we want to deal with this trend before it’s too late," said Bill Erickson, Peace House Interim Chair and Treasurer. "In response to the downward trend, Peace House has cut its budget by 20 percent. Peace House prides itself on the fact its funds have always been properly managed. It has always run on a lean budget, without ‘fluff’ expenses, making these cuts extremely difficult. Thus, fundraising efforts are even more critical."

Peace House’s goal has always been to maintain services at the highest level, which means offering the community all three programs: education, shelter and outreach. Since its creation in 1995, Peace House has experienced an increased demand for services, and services have quadrupled over the past 10 years. However, as just one example of budget challenges, during that same period of time, Peace House has had no increase in its grant funding from the Utah Department of Child and Family Services. Many other sources of income have reminded static and in the past 18 months, many grant allocations have dropped, some as much as 48 percent.

"Any further cuts to Peace House programs would mean a decrease in the quality of services," said Erickson. "That’s just not a compromise anyone is willing to make. We believe this new campaign will increase awareness and hopefully financial support from diverse sources.

"Operating a state-licensed facility 24 hours a day, every day of the year, is vital but costly. It costs $1,000 a day to operate the shelter alone, so it’s imperative we make as many opportunities as possible for people to show their support."

Peace House offers several categories for support including donations, sponsorships and volunteer opportunities. Peace House also has a running "wish list" of specific items needed for its programs, office and clients. Items currently on the list include pre-paid cell phones and gift cards to local grocery stores. Peace House is a 501(c)3 organization, and donations are fully deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Peace House’s new public support and awareness campaign is kicking off with a community lunch at Temple Har Shalom on Thursday, May 6. The lunch will feature speakers and highlight Peace House’s mission. While there is no cost to attend the lunch, free will donations will be solicited.

Peace House is also announcing its "Mother’s Day" campaign, which allows donations to be made in honor or memory of mothers. The campaign will be run in conjunction with its "Shelter Sponsor" program, which allows donors who contribute $1,000 or more to "sponsor" a day at the Shelter.

As part of its community awareness and support campaign, Peace House is also giving presentations to civic, service, and religious groups on domestic violence awareness. For more information on these programs and events, please contact Peace House at 658-4739 or go to