Peak performance |

Peak performance


the time racers reached the top of Saturday’s climb into the sky, most racers probably felt like they were on Jupiter the planet, not the peak.

The 18th annual Jupiter Peak Steeplechase took 281 trail-running enthusiasts through a 16-mile loop up to the top of Park City Mountain Resort and back down to the Silver Star Café on a challenging single-track trail that gains about 3,000 feet in elevation. For the third straight year, the event also served as a stop on the 10-stage La Sportiva Mountain Cup trail-running series.

"It’s definitely for the trail warrior," said Mountain Trails Foundation (MTF) administrator Dawn Bowling, who was involved in the organization of the event. "It is a full-on endurance race."

Runners had to drop to all fours to scramble up some parts of the race, Bowling said. The event serves as one of the primary fundraisers for MTF.

"Because we have such a large tie with it, we’d also really like to showcase the trail system and make people aware that it’s out there," Bowling said. "We’ve come up with a really slick trail that people like."

Coloradoans led both overall fields. Silverton’s Megan Kimmel won the women’s race in 2:12:44.7, while Silt’s Bernie Boettcher won the men’s race in 1:52:12.1.

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Local runners also made a strong showing on the home hill. Parkites finished fourth overall in both classes, with Julia Holland completing the loop in 2:25:35.8 and Sebe Ziesler in 2:02:40.2. Mickey Wilson was seventh overall and second in the men’s ages 20-29 group, and Alex Stoy was eighth overall and third among men ages 30-39.

Sharon Starika was ninth overall among women, and Rachel McHenry was 10th. Both raced in the 40-49 division, taking second and third, respectively, behind Holland.

Lorraine Johnson won the women’s ages 50-59 category in 3:15:15.5, followed by Parkite Debbie Wagner in second. Marit Glenne won the women ages 60-69 category.

Park City swept the podium in the men’s 60-69 category, with Frank Larsen taking first, Ray MacKown in second, and Jim Turnbull in third.

Other Park City residents finishing among the top 10 in their divisions were Tracie Heffernan (third, women’s 20-29), Tiffany Muhlstein (fifth, women’s 20-29), Julia Erbacher (seventh, women’s 20-29), Megan Johnson (eighth, women’s 20-29), Rachel McHenry (sixth, women’s 30-39), Patricia Beaty (eighth, women’s 40-49), Kim Drury (ninth, women’s 40-49), Gail Salowey (fifth, women’s 50-59), Gayle Higman (sixth, women’s 50-59), Patricia Murray (seventh, women’s 50-59), Christy Simas (ninth, women’s 50-59), Spencer Reed (seventh, men’s 20-29), Bennett Albertson (eighth, men’s 20-29), Eric Karshner (ninth, men’s 20-29), Tyler Alderman (seventh, men’s 30-39), Craig Patterson (ninth, men’s 30-39), Mark Christopherson (fifth, men’s 40-49), Mike Dawson (10th, men’s 40-49), Lon Thomas (fourth, men’s 50-59), Tim Henney (sixth, men’s 50-59), Kevin Shannon (eighth, men’s 50-59) and Scott Lewis (ninth, men’s 50-59).

Oakley’s Marsha Wadsworth was fifth in the women’s 40-49 division, and Con Wadsworth was second in the men’s 50-59 category.

Bowling said the success of the event was due to the work of a large contingent of volunteers and sponsors. "I just felt like a lot of people stepped up to really make it happen," she said.

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